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08 Jul PSCRC-SCDTDP All State Partner Webinar

Our Pacific Sickle Cell Regional Collaborative successes mobilizing internal and external partners to improve healthcare for sickle cell disease was featured in the first national webinar for HRSA SCDTDP State Partners on 5/26/2016.  Recording is here.  PSCRC’s Dr. Judith Baker presented, “Methods that Mobilize: Regionalizing...

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22 Dec Upcoming Webinar: CA Sickle Cell Disease Longitudinal Data Collection Project

Save the date for an upcoming webinar: Wed., January 27, 10-11 PST (1-2 EST) for the CA Sickle Cell Disease Longitudinal Data Collection Project   CLICK HERE: Read/Download full report "Paulukonis SCD Longitudinal Data Collection" Save Wednesday, January 27, 10-11 PST for our next quarterly webinar featuring Dr. James Eckman,...

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09 Jun Join us for a Webinar

Registration is now open for: Reproductive Issues for Women with Sickle Cell Disease This Webinar will provide evidence-based, practical information on the acute and chronic complications of sickle cell disease (SCD) for women and girls. It will also review the new National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's...

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