CDC – Sickle Cell Disease: Data Saves Lives

The SCD clinic at the MLK Outpatient Center opened in August 2016, only 10 months after sharing the data from the SCDC program with LA County health officials. The clinic provides comprehensive care to patients with SCD, whom often have other health problems in addition to those related to SCD.

During each visit, clinic patients see both a hematologist (a doctor who specializes in blood disorders) and a primary care provider. The hematologist focuses on SCD-specific needs, helping to reduce health issues and prevent early death. The primary care provider manages health problems unrelated to SCD, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. “We complement each other,” says Susan Claster, the clinic’s hematologist. “Having the primary care provider sitting with me, we cover 90% of what the patient needs and it’s very efficient.”

This combination of expertise effectively addresses the complex health needs of patients with SCD.

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