CDC – Sickle Cell Disease: Data Saves Lives

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The SCD clinic at the MLK Outpatient Center opened in August 2016, only 10 months after sharing the data from the SCDC program with LA County health officials. The clinic provides comprehensive care to patients with SCD, whom often have other health problems in addition to those related to SCD. During each visit, clinic patients […]

MLK Clinic Winning the NACo 100 Brilliant Ideas award

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Los Angeles County, Calif. Sickle Cell Disease is an inherited disorder of the red blood cells that causes bouts of extreme pain, organ damage, and premature death. The prevalence is highest among individuals of African and Hispanic descent and affects approximately 100,000 individuals across the country. Advances in treatment have extended the lifespan so substantially […]

LA County Dept of Health Services’ 7th Annual Report

LA County Department of Health 2016-2017 Annual Report

It has been a busy year of innovation at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Outpatient Center in the delivery of ambulatory services. Highlights include expanding evening hours in primary care,HUB pediatrics, and in Cardiology for echocardiograms; our Saturday morning Spa program for cancer prevention in women’s health and a new integrated care delivery system to […]

PSCRC Strategic Planning 2017

Pacific SCD Strategic Planning 2017

PSCRC Strategic Planning 2017 The PSCRC strategic planning took place on a span of two days. Presentations have been published below for review and record. Thank you to all those who attended and presented. We are one step closer to our goals. Glutamine: Old molecule, new use?

How will nano technology change modern medicine?

How will nano technology change modern medicine?

Congratulations—You’ve finished your first PDSA cycle, which means you have taken an essential step towards driving change. Give yourself a pat on the back and get ready to dive into the next phase of continuous improvement: your second, third and fourth PDSA cycle, or, as many cycles as needed to reach the final adoption stage. […]

Sickle Cell Patients, Families And Doctors Face A ‘Fight For Everything’

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“The day before his 30th birthday, Marqus Valentine was in a panic. “I was so scared for midnight to come rolling around because subconsciously I was like, ‘This is it. Tomorrow’s my last day on Earth,’” he said. Like many people with sickle cell, Valentine has watched as one successful advocacy campaign after another brought […]